By Mackay Keech

How Allulose Appears on Nutrition Labels

Although allulose is not processed by the body like normal table sugar, it still
must be shown in the nutrition label as a carbohydrate. You may notice on our
nutrition label that our product will show a certain number of carbohydrates which doesn’t appear to be very keto or diabetic friendly at all. That is why, on our packaging, we also do the math for you right above the nutrition label. We take the number of carbs present in each serving and subtract them from the amount of allulose and fiber contained in that serving. That final number turns out to be the actual number of carbs that your body will process, or “net carbs”.
For example, on our Milk Chocolate Caramel packaging, you will notice that on
the nutrition label, located on the back of the package, it states that there are 17g of carbs in each serving. Here is where the magic happens. You subtract the 15g of allulose from the 17g of carbs in each serving, and you end up with 2g net carbs per serving. Solid science that tastes like magic!
Every one of our chocolates at Keech contains 3g or less net carbs per serving.
Done by in house testing, we have shown that those with diabetes have not seen any spike in their blood sugar levels and those who are participating in the Keto diet have not been kicked out of ketosis while enjoying any number of our delicious chocolates.