Our Story


Keech chocolate was invented in January of 2022 by two brothers: Mackay and Caleb Keech. But, our background in chocolate started much earlier.

In the year 1980, our mother and grandparents moved to the USA from Germany, bringing with them many great pieces of culture, the best being the food. Growing up, our mother, and grandmother, would always have German chocolate, whether it was Easter, Christmas, or a big family gathering. We all loved chocolate growing up, especially the German chocolate, as it was much more quality and rich then what we most people are used to here in the U.S. The only problem we were having was trying to limit the amount of chocolate we ate, due to the sugar, artificial flavorings, and other harmful ingredients that are in almost every chocolate in the supermarket. Our family always kept health and wellness at the forefront of our lives, so although chocolate was our favorite treat, we tried to limit it as much as possible.

Fast forward to the summer of 2016, where our older sister was teaching English in the Dominican Republic on a service trip. Our family travelled down there to go see my sister and all of the great things being done down there, and that is when we started learning how chocolate is made. The Dominican Republic has a lot of cacao farms, and we went and toured a few cacao farms, including a chocolate making factory. My father's interest was peaked, so he teamed up with a charity foundation to build a cocoa bean processing facility in the Dominican Republic to give farmers a chance to export their cocoa beans around the world, and also to provide employment to many locals.

After seeing how chocolate was made, my brother and I were intrigued to create chocolates of our own that don't have bad ingredients. We began formulating and developing chocolate recipes that are made without sugar and have only the cleanest ingredients. As we started to work with allulose, we realized that not only does it look and taste similar to sugar, it has far less calories than cane sugar and actually helps mask other natural carbohydrates in chocolate, making our chocolate a 0 on the glycemic index. After sharing our chocolate with friends and family, we were compelled to share this with the world.

At Keech we are continually formulating and creating the best chocolate, with the cleanest ingredients, to make our delicious chocolate available for everyone. Whether you have diabetes, food allergies, are on a diet, only look for organic foods, or just want a sweet treat, Keech offers great tasting chocolate without all of the garbage, so you can enjoy what you are eating, without worrying what is in it.